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6. The House of the Virgin

This house, originally built with a single ground floor on a plot of land flat with the abbey, was raised by one floor in 1865. On this occasion, its openings were enlarged and placed above the door of entry of a group of the virgin, probably from the abbey. This formerly polychrome group represents a Madonna and Child. It is placed in front of a Gothic stained glass window, above an altar covered with a tablecloth and two candlesticks, all framed by two Renaissance columns, formerly painted in spiral bands, on which two angels cling, who could also represent the image of donors. The whole, which rests on a console that is only sketched out, is surmounted by a very elaborate entablature, formed by an alternating garland, in which are interspersed motifs from the same period: floral bells, beetle, burgundy cabbage leaves.

© Jean-François Feutriez
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