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10. The bust of André Theuriet

Arriving at the crossroads of the two walks, we see on the left the stele erected in 1907 in honor of André Theuriet of the French Academy, whose bronze bust was remade in 1998 by the sculptor JM MAILLARD de Rouelles following a theft. The original artist was Marguerite Syamour, the pseudonym of Marguerite Gagneur, a sculptor known for her busts in many towns. Receiver-recorder at Auberive from 1856 to 1859, this literary poet took advantage of his short stay in Auberive by writing a collection of poems ("in Mémoriam") and collected the material to write about twenty novels about wild nature and landscapes surrounding Auberive ("Reine des Bois", "Sauvageonne" and "Sous-Bois" ...).

A. Theuriet et famille Janniard à Montav
© Jean-François Feutriez

Coll. private

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